Monday, September 22, 2014

Ah! The Arrogance of Wealth Gained From Taxpayer Dollars! Critchlow Saga Continues!

Another tidbit of information was posted on Topix this afternoon which led to another stone uncovered in what is turning out to be a huge pile of stones to overturn. It's just another amazing discovery about what's been going on behind closed doors in the Fox C-6 School District. Those who have been posting on Topix since 2010 have known for a long time what's been going on inside our school district but were too afraid to speak for fear of retaliation. I'm sure that's what's led to the recent Whistleblower Policy.

Since everyone was afraid to speak up about what they saw happening in the district, things were allowed to get out of control and continue to spin out of control for years and years.

Without some sort of employee protection, no one in the district was going to speak up!

If it weren't for Topix, most people wouldn't have known what was going on inside the district. Of course, there were a few people posting on Topix who were denying that any of those things were actually happening and it's probably not too difficult to guess who may have been making those posts after all that's been uncovered.

It was December 2010 when I first learned about Mr. Critchlow and started looking into his credentials because of several posts on Topix. I took my questions about his credentials and his salary to the December 2010 Fox C-6 school board meeting. Of course I didn't get any answers just a comment from Cheryl Hermann telling me that I could call the district the next day to find someone who could answer my question. My question was directed at the board because they were the ones who approved his hire. Of course I didn't mention names, but they all knew who I was talking about.

Somehow though someone posted on Topix right after that night's board meeting about me speaking at the board meeting. What's so strange about that is the fact that there were only 7 people in attendance at the board meeting that night outside of the administrators and school board members. So whoever conveyed that information to whoever posted on Topix that night was pretty limited. Those 7 people were 2 students who spoke at the meeting, 2 parents, Kim Robertson from The Leader, a representative from Dan Jones and Associates and myself.

Since board meeting minutes weren't posted for over a month back then, it really narrows down who could have known that I spoke at the meeting that night. Who do you think would have told someone to post on Topix that night? The libelous posts really began to take off after that meeting that were directed towards me. Just a week later is when someone stepped over the line with their posts on Topix. Hopefully we'll soon learn who where that post came from.

For those afraid to speak about what they know, Topix is still a good way to get the information to the outside for others to investigate.

Board Kept in the Dark?
The public hasn't known much of what's been going on because Dianne Brown-Critchlow has done a great job of keeping information out of the board meeting minutes and by telling everyone that now is a good time to leave the board meeting right before the start of Public Comments.

Dianne Brown-Critchlow was also telling the board not to speak with people on issues. She emailed the school board in 2012 informing them not to speak to me due to pending litigation even though there was no pending litigation. Her email was written proof that she was telling the board not to speak to me. So speaking to the board was like speaking to a brick wall.

I was told prior to Dianne's email verifying what she was telling the board that the board members were told that the attorneys were taking care of things. So, no one on the board for years would respond to my concerns. They would just thank me for my information.

Dianne Brown-Critchlow used the same language during board meetings to keep from answering my questions at public meetings by stating that she couldn't talk about things because of "pending litigation". That's just another way that the public and the board was kept in the dark for so long.

New Limited Liability Company Formed By Critchlows
Well it turns out that the Critchlows formed a new Limited Liability Company on April 22, 2014 named CASH LANDING.

CASH LANDING was formed for the following purposes:

Land and Timber Improvement/Sales
Educational Consultation Services
Invention Development/Sales

CASH LANDING is quite an unusual name for an LLC that's going to be doing Land and Timber Improvement/Sales and at the same time doing Educational Consultation Services. The arrogance from the Critchlows never ceases to amaze me. Many of the slanderous posts on Topix conveyed a similar arrogance factor. Hmmm!

I'm certain that the community will be very happy to know what their tax dollars were being spent on when the Critchlow's purchased those logging tongs using a school district credit card. Now we have to go and look to see if a district credit card was used to pay for the fees to register the LLC.

The finds are so amazing that no one could even dream this stuff up.

As usual, the documentation behind this latest find can be found on the Missouri Secretary of State's website. 

Below is a link to the Missouri Secretary of State search page for the Critchlow's latest adventure:

Below is link to the Articles of Organization for the Critchlow's Limited Liability Company filing which was dated April 22, 2014. This public document has the Critchlow's address listed as their company's registered agent. It also has their address listed as the organizers of the company.

What I find really funny (but common in district documents) is the fact that their street address is misspelled next to Dianne Critchlow's name. I just had to laugh when I saw it. It reminded me of the mailer sent out about the 2012 Bond Issue by Friends of Fox!

JCPenknife did an excellent job as usual of writing about today's find for those of us who have been investigating the misdeeds of those in charge of our taxpayer dollars.

Here is a link to JCPenknife's thoughts on today's find:

I'm sure we'll be uncovering a lot more unbelievable finds in the continuous discovery of facts being revealed in the nearly decade long rule of Dianne Brown-Critchlow of the Fox C-6 School District.