Fox C-6 Board Meeting Packets and Minutes

This page makes it very convenient to download board meeting packets and board meeting minutes which are posted after the board approves them at the next school board meeting since they are all contained on one page in date order. The data for the missing years are available on the district website. However, some of the time period was posted on the district's website and some of it is located on BoardDocs. BoardDocs is the new online system for managing and storing school board meeting documents and eventually school board policies. Fox didn't start posting board meeting documents on BoardDocs until April 2015.

Fox has posted some of the older board meeting packets and minutes on BoardDocs dating back to  the August 30, 2011 school board meeting.

Board Meeting Packets
The 2012-2016 board meeting packets were downloaded from Fox C-6's website. The board meeting packets prior to the 2012-2013 school year were obtained from the district via Sunshine requests.

Board Meeting Minutes
All of the school board meeting minutes were downloaded directly from the district website or BoardDocs. The board meeting minutes prior to 2008 were downloaded from the district's website in 2009. I have consolidated the board meeting minutes into single PDF documents for most of the years. The 2005-2006 and 2004-2005 board meeting minutes were saved as SECURED PDF files and could not be consolidated into a single PDF document. This is why they are stored in ZIP files that will need to be decompressed before viewing the files.

The school board meeting packets were processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in order to make the PDF documents searchable. (You will have to download the PDF to your computer to use your PDF reader's search capability.)

Prior to the district publishing the board meeting packets online, taxpayers had to make Sunshine requests in order to obtain them. I did this a couple of years ago in order to review bill payments and other documentation that should have been provided to the public on the website years ago. Many other school districts have been publishing their board meeting packets online for their taxpayers for years.

The board meeting packets are the materials that are provided to Fox C-6 school board members each month to review prior to the school board meetings so they can make informed decisions when approving and voting on matters. Each month they are required to review the bill payments report before approving the payments.

The district's website currently has board meeting minutes dating back to 2008 but won't publish the board packets dating back that for. The district should easily be able post the copies that they provided me via Sunshine request.

If Fox C-6 had been posting their board packets online like they do in many other school districts, the public may not have been shocked and/or outraged when they found out what's been going on in our school district for the last 9 or 10 years like they did in 2014. Since the school board wasn't overseeing the district like they should have been doing, there wasn't much effort by the school board to get the board packets posted online.

It took numerous requests to the board over a couple of years asking them to publish the board packets online for the public like they do in other districts. Superintendent Brown / Critchlow always had an excuse as to why this couldn't be done. Then when they were first published online, the Bill Payments Report was not included in the board packet. Not making this information available to the public made it difficult for the community to know what was really going on in our school district.

Problems with School Board Meeting Minutes
Another problem was the fact that the school board meeting minutes weren't getting published online until they were approved at the next month's meeting. So, the public didn't know about board decisions for more than a month.

When I made my Sunshine Request for the board packets, I asked the district to supply me the board meeting packets dating back to 2008. However, I was informed that the district didn't have PDF copies of the board meeting packets prior to April 2010. At least that's what I was told. I learned not to trust information from the district a long time ago. The district wanted to charge me a significant fee to obtain the board packets prior to April 2010. So I did not pursue the matter any further at the time.

It was odd that the district had been posting board meeting minutes in PDF format on the district website as far back as 2001. I have copies meeting minutes dating back to 2002. It seemed to me that the district simply didn't want to make that information available. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it most likely would have revealed large legal expenses as the district was preparing for a Due Process Hearing in May 2010 and had paid to conduct a Due Processing Hearing in January 2009 for another family.

So for now, this page only has the board meeting packets dating back to April 20, 2010. An asterisk in the Meeting Minutes column indicates that I spoke at that meeting during Public Comments or made remarks during the meeting like I did at the November 5, 2013 workshop.

The problem with our board meeting minutes is that Public Comments have been so poorly documented over the years so no one would know what was asked or commented on unless it was something that Superintendent Brown / Critchlow wanted the public to know.

2018-2019 (YTD)
2018-2019 Fox C-6 Board Meeting Minutes in One File YTD

2017-2018 Fox C-6 Board Meeting Minutes in One File

DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
July 19, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
August 2, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
August 16, 2016MeetingDownload
September 6, 2016Workshop Meeting

DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
July 7, 2015Meeting

July 21, 2015Meeting

August 4, 2015Meeting

August 18, 2015MeetingDownloadDownload
September 1, 2015MeetingDownloadDownload
September 22, 2015MeetingDownload
October 6, 2015MeetingDownloadn/a
October 20, 2015Meeting
November 3, 2015MeetingDownloadDownload
November 17, 2015MeetingDownloadDownload
December 15, 2015MeetingDownloadDownload
January 12, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
January 19, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
February 2, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
February 16, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
March 1, 2016Workshop/MeetingDownloadDownload
March 15, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
April 19, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
May 3, 2016Workshop/MeetingDownloadn/a
May 17, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload
June 14, 2016Workshop/MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
June 28, 2016MeetingDownloadDownload

2014-2015 Fox C-6 Board Meeting Minutes in One File (YTD)
DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
August 19, 2014MeetingDownload
September 16, 2014MeetingDownload
October 21, 2014Meeting

November 18, 2014Meeting

December 16, 2014Meeting

January 20, 2015Meeting

February 3, 2015Meeting

February 24, 2015Meeting

March 17, 2015Meeting

April 21, 2015Meeting

May 5, 2015Meeting

May 19, 2015Meeting

June 2, 2015Meeting

June 30, 2015Meeting

Date Meeting Type Meeting Packet Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2013 Hearing none Download
August 27, 2013 Meeting Download Download (*)
September 17, 2013 Meeting Download Download
October 1, 2013 Workshop none Download
October 15, 2013 Meeting Download Download (*)
November 5, 2013 Workshop none Download (*)
November 19, 2013 Meeting Download Download (*)
December 9, 2013 Special none Download
December 17, 2013 Meeting Download Download
January 14, 2014 Special none Download
January 21, 2014 Meeting Download Download
February 3, 2014 Special noneDownload
February 18, 2014 Meeting Download Download (*)
March 4, 2014 Workshop noneDownload
March 18, 2014 Meeting Download Download (*)
April 15, 2014 Meeting Download Download (*)
May 14, 2014 Special noneDownload
May 20, 2014 Meeting Download Download (*)
May 29, 2014 Special noneDownload
June 4, 2014 Special noneDownload
June 10, 2014 Special noneDownload
June 30, 2014 Meeting Download Download (*)

DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
August 28, 2012HearingDownloadDownload
September 18, 2012WorkshopnoneDownload
September 18, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
October 16, 2012WorkshopnoneDownload
October 16, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
November 20, 2012WorkshopnoneDownload
November 20, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
December 11, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
January 15, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
February 5, 2013SpecialnoneDownload
February 19, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
March 5, 2013WorkshopnoneDownload
March 19, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
April 16, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload
May 7, 2013SpecialnoneDownload
May 19, 2013WorkshopnoneDownload
May 21, 2013WorkshopnoneDownload
May 21, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload
June 25, 2013MeetingDownloadDownload (*)

DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
August 30, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
September 20, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
October 18, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
November 15, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
December 13, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
January 17, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
February 7, 2012SpecialDownloadDownload
February 21, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
March 20, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
April 10, 2012SpecialnoneDownload
April 17, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
May 15, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload
June 26, 2012MeetingDownloadDownload

DateMeeting TypeMeeting PacketMeeting Minutes
August 31, 2010MeetingDownloadDownload
September 21, 2010MeetingDownloadDownload
October 19, 2010MeetingDownloadDownload
November 16, 2010MeetingDownloadDownload
December 14, 2010MeetingDownloadDownload (*)
January 18, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
February 1, 2011SpecialnoneDownload
February 15, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
March 15, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
April 19, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
May 17, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload
June 28, 2011MeetingDownloadDownload