Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MO State Rep Rob Vescovo Files Legislation to Prevent Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Missouri State Representative Rob Vescovo sent out a press release today announcing the filing of his first piece of legislation.

The Fox C-6 School District has been handing out cash rewards and paid vacations to some of our administrators for unethical behavior, for not following school policies and for bullying parents and patrons in our district.

Being rewarded for this type of behavior does NOT set a good example for a National District of Character!

Thank you Mr. Vescovo for bringing this problem to the attention of our state legislators! 

From the Office of Rep. Rob Vescovo 112th District

January 14, 2015

CONTACT: Rep. Rob Vescovo

State Rep. Rob Vescovo Files Legislation to Prevent Abuse and Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

Legislation would prevent continued abuse of paid administrative leave

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Rep. Rob Vescovo wants to protect Missouri taxpayers from footing the bill for ineffective government employees who are placed on paid administrative leave for misconduct. Vescovo today filed HB 519 to end a practice he said is costing Missourians hundreds of thousands of dollars or more each year.

“This is a non-partisan bill that will take aim at ending the ongoing problem of this wasteful practice of paid administrative leave for employees who should be terminated,” said Vescovo, R-Arnold. “This is a practice that would never go on in the private sector where employers would refuse to pay ineffective employees to not do their jobs. However, because there is too little accountability when it comes to how taxpayer dollars are utilized, we have seen this blatant misuse of taxpayer funds far too often in the public sector.”
Vescovo said issues with the Fox School District first drew his attention to the problem. It was in June of 2014 when Superintendent Dianne Critchlow and three other school administrators were placed on paid administrative leave. Vescovo noted that Critchlow made an annual salary of more than $260,000. He said the issue resurfaced again just a few weeks ago when the school district’s food services director, who was hired with an annual salary of $65,000 despite lacking the certifications and education necessary for the position, was also placed on paid administrative leave.
“Folks in my district are outraged by what has gone on here as their tax dollars have been thrown away to people who should have been fired, but instead have been paid to not work,” said Vescovo. “The unfortunate truth is that this goes on all over the state and the nation. As someone who believes in government accountability and sincerely wants to protect taxpayers from abuse, I am committed to doing all I can to bring this wasteful practice to an end here in our state.”