Friday, September 26, 2014

Fox C-6 School District - In The News! (Again)

The amended libel lawsuit was finally filed today on Friday November 14, 2014 and the Post Dispatch has already posted an article about the lawsuit!

The lawsuit names the following people: Dianne Critchlow, Jamie Critchlow, Dan Baker, Angie Baker and Bill Brengle. There were numerous comments posted on the website from computers traced back to Fox C-6 School District computers dating back to September 2010.

The Fox C-6 computers were connected to the internet through MORENET. There were also several posts linked to cell phones.

More than 100 posts that were made from the Critchlow's home.

The comments that were posted online and listed in the petition are pretty unbelievable considering where they came from.

Below is a link to the Post Dispatch article about the libel suit:

Fox C-6 is in the news again as of 11/10/2014 in the Post Dispatch.

Below is a consolidation of some of the recent news stories about Fox C-6 covering the some of the turmoil. It brings a whole new meaning to being a nationally recognized school district that former Superintendent Dianne Brown-Critchlow touted for years. As I started reading and viewing some of the stories I thought it would be nice to compile them into one easy to find location.

There's an article in STLTODAY.COM from March 2007 when nepotism issues were brought up in the district before.

Money demanded from former Fox superintendent - 11/18/2014

Fox C-6 board member resigns after daughter loses job - 9/24/2014

Fox School District audit announced - 8/14/2014

Fox C-6 board likely to approve state audit - 8/12/2014

Fox C-6 requesting audit for financial fraud allegations - 8/12/2014

Fox C-6 superintendent will retire - 7/15/2014

Superintendent under investigation, makes six figures - 6/30/2014

Fox C-6 superintendent retiring; husband fired - 6/12/2014

Fox C-6 looks for new leader - 6/11/2014

4 Fox C-6 employees on leave - 6/04/2014

Parents say administrators cyberbullied them - 5/29/2014

Schools increase security after shootings - 12/13/2013

Fox School District discusses safety plans - 1/31/2013

Fox C-6 spending and safety concerns at board meeting - 1/15/2013

Administrators in Fox School District forfeit their own pay raises for teachers - 4/12/2010

Second-year employee of Fox School District gets big payout upon retirement - 11/13/2014

Fox School District under investigation for misuse of taxpayer money - 9/12/2014

Why Fox School District scholarships are being scrutinized - 9/03/2014

Suspended Fox School District employees reach settlement agreement - 7/24/2014

Changes announced at Fox C-6 School District following investigation - 6/12/2014

Meeting Friday for parents in Fox C-6 school district after 4 officials put on leave - 6/06/2014

Names of school employees accused of disparaging parents online released - 6/06/2014

Local school district officials sued amid social media scandal - 6/05/2014

Jefferson Co. school district employees accused of defaming parents online - 6/04/2014

Fox names new superinendent, tightens anti-nepotism policy - 11/18/2014

Fox School District expected to choose Rockwood administrator as its new leader - 11/18/2014

Ex-head of Fox District named in libel suit - 11/14/2014

New Fox Superintendent to be named, but unfinished business remains - 11/10/2014

Spending on St. Louis area superintendents has risen 30 percent in 10 years - 9/28/2014

Restaurant spending, trip to Orlando part of probe into Fox spending - 9/24/2014

Fox School Board member quits in wake of daughter's firing - 9/22/2014

Return of trust sought as Fox district chooses new superintendent - 9/02/2014

Fox district issues survey to gauge what public wants in new superintendent - 8/27/2014

Fox district cuts down on use of credit cards - 8/20/2014

Fox School District to get state audit - 8/14/2014

Former Fox superintendent says she welcomes state audit
 - 8/14/2014

Fox School Board seeks state audit
 - 8/12/2014

Fox district still looking for $1.1 million in cuts
 - 8/4/2014

Attorney in libel suit filed by Fox critics wants more names
 - 7/31/2014

Two Fox administrators linked to nasty online comments keep their jobs
 - 7/21/2014

Critchlow to retire as superintendent of Fox district
 - 7/15/2014

Greed at work in pay for school administrators
 - 7/03/2014

Fox School Board approves preliminary budget
 - 6/30/2014

Why did Fox superintendent's salary nearly double?
 - 6/30/2014

Fox superintendent could retire; her husband is fired
 - 6/13/2014

Fox school board starting search for new superintendent
 - 6/10/2014

Another scandal hits Fox School District
 - 6/06/2014

Four Fox employees put on leave are same four linked to online comments
 - 6/05/2014

Interim superintendent named to lead Fox district
 - 6/05/2014

Fox school board calls meeting over nasty online comments linked to superintendent's house
 - 6/03/2014

Derisive website comments linked to home of Fox school chief
 - 5/31/2014

Fox school board to vote on new anti-nepotism rules
 - 6/25/2013

Letters sent to Fox dissidents highlight district school tensions
 - 5/23/2013

De Soto superintendent who got $208,000 settlement lands job with Fox district
 - 5/22/2013

Counts re-elected Arnold mayor; incumbents on Fox school board ousted
 - 4/03/2013

Hiring practices in Fox schools upset some residents, spark interest in union
 - 12/26/2012

Fox School District in solid fiscal shape - ??

FOX SCHOOLS: Nepotism complaints unfounded, district officials say - 3/13/2007

Former FOX C-6 superintendents spending called into question - 9/24/2014

State auditors looking into Fox C-6 credit card use - 9/16/2014

FOX C-6 district grants embattled superintendent early retirement - 7/15/2014

FOX C-6 school district faces $7M deficit - 6/30/2014

FOX C-6 turmoil could continue of Critchlow's contract - 6/15/2014


New details emerge about Fox C-6 administrator's $1,000 hotel room - 10/26/2014

Fox school board member ducks questions about district salaries - 7/09/2014

The best “You Paid for It” confrontations - 7/24/2013