Friday, August 8, 2014

What Do Fox C-6 School Board Policies Say About Using School District Credit Cards?

So what do Fox C-6 School Board policies say about using school district credit cards?

Fox's policy for Credit Cards is Policy #3125. It's a very short policy and states the following:
Policy 3125 – Credit Cards (05/97) 
School district credit cards will only be issued to employees upon the approval of the Board of Education. Use of the credit card will be limited to the purchase of instructional materials, items related to the improvement of instruction or materials related to capital improvements or supplies.
Fast food restaurants and bars and grills are probably NOT considered "instructional materials". It appears that Superintendent Critchlow's use of her district supplied credit card violates current school board policy.

Policy #3125 was adopted in May 1997. Apparently she was not aware of what our school district policies are on the use of school district credit cards after reviewing Fox's 2013-2014 VISA Credit Card statements.

Don't Forget!

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