Saturday, July 19, 2014

Added New Page on Blog for Fox C-6 Board Meeting Packets and Board Meeting Minutes

Added a new page to the blog to make it easier to download Fox C-6 Board Meeting Packets and board meeting minutes. The page has links to all of the meeting minutes that were available on the district website back in 2009 as well which went back to 2001. The board meeting minutes have also been assembled into single file documents for each school year for easy downloading and reading.

The board meeting packets only date back to April 2010. The board packets posted on FoxC6Watchdogs have been processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in order to make the documents more searchable in PDF readers. OCR is not perfect but works well on many of the scanned pages that the district publishes in the board meeting packets each month.

Still Trying To Get Older Board Packets Online
Fox's website currently has board meeting minutes posted online dating back to 2008. However, the district has refused to publish the board meeting packets prior to the 2012-2013 school year even after repeated requests. They have already provided the documents via Sunshine request so they should be able to quickly post them on the district website.

My requests for posting the board packets were made at board meetings during Public Comments and via email. You wouldn't have known about that the requests were made due to the lack of detail in or board meeting minutes. You can read the board meeting minutes to see how well they were documented for Public Comments. Since you can't watch a video or listen to the audio of Fox's board meetings, it's hard to obtain much information from the board meeting minutes. Fox's school board meetings haven't been recorded in years.

Had the school district been publishing the board meeting packets on the district website like they do in many other school districts, perhaps the community would have been able to ask our school board members questions sooner rather than later about what was going on in our school district. Perhaps the current problems could have been avoided before they became became a public embarrassment for the community.

The board meeting packets contain the monthly bill payments report that our school board members approve each month. It's hard to know where your tax dollars are going without those reports. It's only been very recent that the public can now download board meeting packets from Fox's website the Tuesday before a board meeting so you can review the documents that the board members review and ask questions during Public Comments prior to the board making their decisions.

The following link will take you to the page which is also at the top of the page on the blog now.