Monday, June 30, 2014

New Post Dispatch Article Asking Why Fox C-6 Superintendent's Salary Nearly Doubled?

Today's St. Louis Post Dispatch has an article asking, "Why did Fox superintendent's salary nearly double?"

Below is a link to the article:

This is a question that I've been asking for quite some time but never received a response to. Perhaps if more people in the Fox C-6 community were asking this question the public would get a response.

Former Fox C-6 Superintendent Jim Chellew was quoted in the article as well as former Fox C-6 school board member Ruth Ann Newman.

Perhaps Superintendent Critchlow can write a check to the school district returning some of her pay increases like former superintendent Jim Chellew states that he did in the Post Dispatch article when he was superintendent.

There is a Fox C-6 school board meeting this evening at 5:30PM. If you plan to ask questions, you will need to turn in your Public Comments form prior to 5:15PM according to district rules. Also, you cannot mention any names or positions during your Public Comment or you will not be allowed to speak.

Perhaps the Public Comments rules need to be modified in order to keep our school board more informed about the public's concerns on administrative decisions.