Friday, September 20, 2013

SUPER SALARIES!! Superintendent Critchlow's Salary for 2013-2014 is $256,131!

The front page article of the September 19, 2013 issue of the Arnold-Imperial Leader newspaper will hopefully wake up the community to the ongoing problems with the Fox C-6 School Board and their lack of oversight and accountability. The article is a review of the administrator salaries at Jefferson County's 11 public school districts. It's no surprise that Fox C-6 Superintendent Dianne Critchlow has the highest superintendent salary in Jefferson County. Her salary isn't just a little bit higher than the next highest paid superintendent in Jefferson County. It's a lot!! (see below) Her salary is $76,000 higher than the next highest superintendent in the county!

In fact, last year she had the 4th Highest Superintendent Salary in the entire state of Missouri.

Superintendent Critchlow's 2013-2014
Salary is $256,131!

How did that happen? ASK YOUR SCHOOL BOARD!

Please ask your school board how they justify our superintendent's salary. You can now email every Fox C-6 board member directly. You can find their email addresses on the district website.

It's doubtful that you will receive a response or even an acknowledgement from the board based upon my experience. The 3 newest board members have been acknowledging my emails. However, Dan Smith our current school board president has failed to respond or even acknowledge any emails ever sent to him. What kind of a school board president fails to respond to his constituents? When Mr. Smith ran for State Representative he touted his service on the school board and the fact that he would listen to the community. Please send Mr. Smith an email ( and voice your concerns about our superintendent's salary and handling of our school district. Let me know if you get a response. I know of several people that have emailed Mr. Smith and they've never received a response as well. Why can't you respond Mr. Smith?

When a superintendent makes as much money as Dianne Critchlow currently is, there shouldn't be any excuses as to why she can't get things done. Superintendent Critchlow responded to me in an email earlier this week to questions I sent to our school board on Tuesday September 17 prior to the board meeting. One of the questions I asked was in regards to posting the late materials provided to board members before board meetings onto the district website for the public to review. She explained that, "We simply just do not have the staff to accommodate all requests and suggestions.  I wish we did, but we try to put all our dollars into the classrooms for the students."

Really? A salary that high doesn't give me the impression that Fox is trying put all of its dollars into the classroom. It's time that our school board stops accepting excuses and starts demanding results. It's their job to hold our superintendent accountable and make sure she gets things done. As the 4th Highest Paid Superintendent in the state last year, our district should be ranked up there with the top districts. However, the recent MSIP 5 results had Fox ranked at 173rd out of more than 500 districts. Fox's Percentage of Graduates taking the ACT is ranked in the bottom 25% of the state. The board needs to reduce her salary by $100,000 so she can hire the additional staff to get the job done. It's her job to keep the public kept informed. Making excuses as to why she can't get that done should be a red flag for the community and our school board. Keeping the public in the dark has allowed her salary to skyrocket because very few people were even aware of what she has been getting paid. If she can't get the job done then the board needs to find someone who can.

Last year Superintendent Critchlow had the 4th Highest Superintendent Salary
in the state of Missouri. 

Last year Fox C-6 as a whole had the 2nd Highest Average Administrator Salary
in the state of Missouri.

The Fox C-6 School Board is responsible for setting Superintendent Critchlow's salary. They need to be held accountable for giving her such an outrageous salary. It's very obvious that our school board doesn't have a clue as to how out of line Superintendent Critchlow's salary is compared to other districts with similar demographics; square mileage; number of students; ACT Scores and Percentage of Graduates Taking the ACT.

Jefferson County
Superintendent Salaries

District Name
Fox C-6Dianne Critchlow$246,824$256,1319924
Northwest R-1Paula Ziegler$180,369$180,3697713
Windsor C-1Joel Holland$154,627$163,878375
Festus R-6Link Luttrell$165,500$155,000116
De SotoTrish Burkeen$154,438$149,2841+1+27
Hillsboro R-3Aaron Cornman$147,824$140,000171
Jefferson R-7Clint Johnston$135,000$140,000444
Dunklin R-5Stan Stratton$133,576$136,1817713
Grandview R-2Jack Mann$120,000$126,5201114
Crystal CityPhilip Harrison$114,597$105,000191
Sunrise R-9Clay Whitener$53,800$53,800797