Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Dave BlogTalk Radio Show - His Thoughts on the Recent Fox C-6 School Board Meeting

David Day also known as "Super Dave" on BlogTalk Radio talked about the June 25, 2013 Fox C-6 School Board meeting on his morning show on Wednesday June 26. Super Dave says he is good friends with Fox C-6 Board President Dan Smith. Dave was pretty upset about several things that happened at the board meeting and said he's going to forward his thoughts onto his friend board president Dan Smith.

Dave discussed my efforts to make public comments at the board meeting starting at 25:45 into his radio show. You can download his radio show from the web as an MP3 file. Below is the link to his Wednesday June 26, 2013 Radio Show. I also recommend listening to his show from Tuesday June 25, 2013 when he discussed the article in the Post Dispatch about the new anti-nepotism school board policy.

Dave's analysis of the board meeting was spot on. Below I have pointed out a couple of points in his talk show to listen to.

@ 28:35
Super Dave discusses the amount of money that superintendent Dianne Critchlow is making as our superintendent. He wants to know why Superintendent Critchlow is making so much money. He said all he hears is "that's the going rate".

@ 32:55
Super Dave talks about Superintendent Critchlow's reaction to my Public Comments. He talks about the comments she directed towards me after I spoke. Dave said he wished he had taken video of the arrogant looks on Superintendent Critchlow's face as I was speaking. It's OK for her to speak but then it wasn't OK for me to respond. He said it was really disappointing to watch a supposedly mature women make ridiculous comments towards me after I spoke and make ridiculous looks while I was speaking. I didn't notice Dianne making faces as I was reading my comments and addressing the board. So, I'm glad that Super Dave picked up on that and was able to give his own take on how our Superintendent handles herself at school board meetings. Dianne did the same thing to Michelle Tyler after she spoke at a school board meeting.

Dave said that Dianne is in a position of authority and that her position of authority should be a little more mature than what she displayed at the meeting. He said she needs to control her emotional outbursts.

Since we as taxpaying citizens only have 3 minutes to present our concerns to the board (they cut you off right at 3 minutes), you have to read quickly in order to get in as much information as possible in the 3 minutes allotted. Emailing our school board has been a waste of time since they don't acknowledge your emails. Dan Smith, Linda Nash and Cheryl Hermann have deleted my emails without even reading them. But, then they could be doing so since Superintendent Critchlow informed the board in an email in August 2011 that the board couldn't discuss issues with me due to pending litigation. There's no litigation between myself and the school district. However, the school district has refused to comply with the USDA's Final Agency Decision. So, Dianne must be referring to the fact that the school district attorney threatened to take the USDA to court because they refused to comply with the USDA's Final Agency Decision. I think it's great that our school district plans to spend taxpayer dollars to fight federal agencies.

@ 50:00
Dave said he thinks he should have Dan Smith come on his show. Then he said he would love to have Critchlow come on his show. Super Dave said he would like to have a discussion with Superintendent Critchlow and that she could try her arrogance with him. Dave said he's not hear to argue. He's just here to expose who these people are.

I highly recommend you give a listen Super Dave's Radio Talk show about what happened at the school board meeting. I think he did a great job covering the school board meeting. Hopefully Dave forwards his thoughts to his friend Dan Smith so Mr. Smith can see what a "friend" of his thinks of our school board and superintendent.