Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fox C-6 Superintendent Salary Update Mid-Year Pay Hike?

From a Missouri Sunshine Request to MO DESE for all salaries for the Fox C-6 school district from 1990 to present, I found that the salary reported for superintendent Dianne Critchlow was NOT was reported to me by the school district last August for the 2012-2013 school year. MO DESE salary data provided by the school district reports superintendent Dianne Critchlow's salary at $246,824 instead of the $238,785 that was reported last fall. It should be noted that the salary reported to DESE does not include other perks such as a school SUV, insurance or annuity payments. We will have to wait for the June 2013 School Board Packets to be released this week to see how much Dianne Critchlow's salary will be for next year. Her new salary should be listed with the other salary schedules.

I also now know why then Dianne Brown informed me via email back in 2011 that my information was incorrect about how much her current husband Jamie Critchlow was paid for the 2009-2010 school year. According to MO DESE, school districts are required to report the amount that the person would have been paid if they worked the entire year in their position even if they started late in the year. So, her husband didn't make the full $98,589 since he worked as a teacher for a couple of months prior to being promoted to Director.

So, why was there an increase in the middle of the school year?

Since school salary data is public information, I am providing this information for the public so they can start asking our school board why they keep providing such LARGE pay increases to our superintendent during poor economic times. Also, you should ask our school board for some justification for those raises comparing our district to other districts under our superintendent's leadership. It has taken more than 2 years for our school administration and school board to work on and adopt new school board policies. Those policies have still not been updated. In fact, some of the policies were required to be updated to meet Federal law in May of 2009 by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (ED OCR). The district still hasn't updated those policies for ED OCR even though the district signed a Resolution Agreement with the ED OCR to make the changes in May 2009. It would seem to me that a school superintendent making over $250,000 with benefits would be able to accomplish the simple things like updating policies under their watch. It also appears that our school board doesn't consider holding people accountable very seriously if those simple things can't be accomplished.

You may also want ask our school board why the Fox C-6 School District refused to meet with the USDA for a Compliance Review in March 2013. Our new Food Nutrition Services Director Kelly Nash would have been the one to meet with and discuss with the USDA the compliance review. Our district was found Non-Compliant by the USDA in August 2011. However, the USDA did meet with MO DESE since they are required to keep Missouri schools compliant.

I have read on Topix posts stating that our school district is not in jeopardy of losing any federal funds based on my previous articles on the Fox C-6 Watchdog site. Federal agencies really don't like to withhold funding federal funding from school districts. But, it is in their guidelines to do so when a district fails to come into compliance with the law. It will be interesting to see how the district handles becoming compliant now that the USDA is working with U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). According to the DOJ, the USDA is attempting to work with MO DESE to bring the district into compliance. If MO DESE fails to bring our district into compliance, the DOJ will be ready to step in and conduct their own investigation and enforce compliance. Time will tell. 

It does make you wonder what our school board members are thinking doesn't it?

It's time to find a new superintendent who can get the job done!

Superintendent Critchlow's Salary Data:
2013 - $246,824
2012 - $228,573 - Dianne Critchlow
2011 - $215,276
2010 - $207,393
2009 - $192,586
2008 - $164,428
2007 - $152,068
2006 - $137,859
2005 - $108,663
2004 - $105,749
2003 - $102,633
2002 - $98,005
2001 - $28,529
2000 - $73,248
1999 - $68,879 - Dianne Brown
1998 - $61,273
1997 - $57,822
1996 - $33,018
1995 - $30,488
1994 - $26,268
1993 - $24,075
1992 - $22,906
1991 - $21,315 - Dianne Brewer

Director of Bridges Jamie Critchlow's Salary Data:
2013 - $116,103
2012 - $107,813
2011 - $101,884
2010 - $98,589