Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updated Nepotism Policy Proposed at May 2013 School Board Meeting

The Fox C-6 School Board has proposed an update to Fox's school board policies regarding nepotism. The district DID NOT provide a copy of the proposed policy changes in the School Board Meeting Packet that was posted on the district website on May 16, 2013 on the Board Meeting Packet page. I have not seen the changes to the policies yet. However, Dan Smith our school board president was interviewed by Elliott Davis from Fox 2 News last night about the policy the school board is proposing. Dan Smith stated that "It will primarily prevent school board members from hiring relatives. Sometimes you have to do what the public, you know they're the ones that put us in these positions. If they're saying you know we want you to do something. We're going to try and do something."

Perhaps Dan Smith should have told Elliott Davis about the fact that he doesn't read emails from citizens in the community and simply deletes them. That has been what I have found so far since he has gotten an individual email address from the school district. As the school board president, I don't believe that Dan Smith should be simply deleting emails from citizens in the community.

Dan Smith should have also informed the community that the school board hasn't been able to update their school board policies to comply with federal law that the United States Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights required them to update by June 2009. It seems as if our school board hasn't been able to do their job for nearly 4 years. They should answer to those questions as well.

You can see the news report on Fox 2 News under News in the You Paid For It stories. The story needs to be cleaned up for typographical errors. But, you can hear Dan Smith speaking about the policy here:

You Paid For It: Fox School District Rolls Out New Nepotism Policy

Yes, our school board and our superintendent are putting on a show to try and regain the trust of the community. The new policy on Nepotism is going to have to be as tough as the policy at Lindbergh. The new policy should require that board member's relatives will have to resign from the school district if a board member is elected to office unless they are a tenured teacher. That is how Lindbergh's policy is written. The board has abused its power for so many years because the community hasn't been watching them. Therefore they took advantage of the situation. Therefore, strict policies are going to be needed because of their abuse of power and flagrant disregard for following the policies that the district already had in place!

More to come...