Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TWO NEW School Board Members - Thank You For Your Support!

Thank You to everyone in our community who exercised the right and took the time to vote in the April 2, 2013 election for our Fox C-6 School Board! Your Vote has changed the face of the Fox C-6 School Board more than it has in over a decade.

Congratulations to Dan Kroupa and Steve Holloway for winning seats on the Fox C-6 School Board!

The election results clearly show that the community was awakened by the extremely poor decisions made by our school board and central office administrators over the past several months. Hopefully the central office administrators that have been trying to silence the community and the teachers of our district change their ways or will be relieved of their duties. 

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours at the Arnold Recreation Center polling location before and after work during the election and was able to speak with many supporters of the candidates. I met and spoke with several teachers in our district who were there supporting Steve Holloway and Dan Kroupa. The teachers definitely helped get our two NEW school board members elected.

Please support Dan and Steve and their efforts to improve our school district over the next 3 years. They have the opportunity to do a lot of great things for the community and our school district with your help in their newly elected positions. It will be up to our current board members to work with them and respect their input and ideas.

While speaking with people at the Rec Center and asking for their support, I introduced myself to a man holding a Pete Nicholas sign. He introduced himself as Dennis Nash. He told me that he was Linda Nash's husband and that my father was his principal when he was in high school. I told him that I hoped he didn't have to visit my father's office too often. He said he did a good job at staying away from his office when he was in school. I then told him that it was OK for our school board and I to have differences of opinion. I said all that I have been doing is asking for them to do their job and conduct business as openly as other school districts do and that I was hoping for change in the future. It was a good conversation and hopefully he will convey this to Linda.

I got the chance to speak with Dave Palmer. Dave and I talked mostly about running and other things from our days in school.

I also had the chance to speak with Dan Kroupa. Dan certainly has the credentials to be a great school board member and his background in accounting should bring more accountability to our board. Dan now has a better understanding of how our district has been conducting business and I look forward to working with him and Steve Holloway and the rest of our school board as we start turning things around in our school district.

I would also like to thank everyone who supported Mark Jones for his bid for a seat on the Fox C-6 School Board. Mark did incredibly well for having only 100 yard signs and no print ads in any of the local papers. I learned quite a bit from helping Mark. He put together a lot of great campaign information from county records. I suspect that if Mark runs for the school board again that he has a great chance of winning a seat on the board and would make a great school board member.

Now lets start moving our school district in a positive direction and truly involve the community in educating our children. This is your school district.

You have shown that Your Vote can make a difference!

The Unofficial Election Results reported by the Jefferson County on April 3, 2013 is as follows:

Total Votes            9355
Times Over Voted          1
Number Of Under Votes  1169

RUTH ANN NEWMAN        1564   16.72%
PETE NICHOLAS          1209   12.92%
MARK S. JONES          1108   11.84%
ANTHONY W. THEBEAU      435    4.65%
STEVE P. HOLLOWAY      2236   23.90%
DAN KROUPA             2776   29.67%