Friday, March 22, 2013

Is $287,000 Too Much For A High School Athletic Field Scoreboard?

The Fox High Athletic director is hoping to get a college caliber scoreboard that costs $287,000 before any financing costs for the Fox High School Athletic Field. He presented this information to the school board at the March 2013 Board of Education meeting. The scoreboard would have a jumbotron screen on it that could display videos like the ones you see at colleges and at high schools in Texas.

The district has the opportunity to make money by selling advertising on the scoreboard.

There are 3 options to purchasing the board. The options have different financing options ranging from the district pays for the scoreboard upfront to where the district doesn't have to pay anything for the scoreboard and it is paid for with advertisement from the community and after 5 years the school would own the board and could sell their own advertising on the board.

The school board is supposed to review the information and get back to the district in the next month. There are photos of the scoreboard included in the March 19, 2013 board meeting packet that can be downloaded from the district website from here:
Fox C-6 School Board Meeting Packets

What do you think?