Thursday, January 24, 2013

How the Community of De Soto Ousted their School Superintendent

In May 2012, the community of De Soto, Missouri banned together to remove their school district superintendent.  A letter dated May 7, 2012 was sent to the school board from patrons, parents and employees.  The school board voted 6-0 at a May 29, 2012 school board meeting to put their school superintendent on administrative leave and suspended him from his duties. In November 2012, the departing superintendent was paid a severance package as part of a settlement agreement.

A November 13, 2012 article in the Post Dispatch describes how citizens in the community of De Soto, MO ousted their school district superintendent.  There were also stories on KMOV and in the Leader newspaper.

November 13, 2012 Post Dispatch Article
November 13, 2012 Post Dispatch Article Comments

November 13, 2012 KMOV News Story