Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Much Does Fox C-6 Spend on Legal Fees?

Fox C-6 uses the Mickes Goldman O'Toole law firm for most of its legal services. On occasion the district will use other law firms such as Thomeczek & Brink to act as a Due Process Hearing Officer for the district. The district also has to pay a service to record and transcribe Due Process Hearing testimony.

Here are some past articles that explain why Fox spends quite a bit of your tax dollars on legal fees:

You can find the payments to the law firms in the monthly school board packets in the Bill Payments section.

Below are the totals from all of the Bill Payments that have been provided in the school board packets dating back to April 2010. They are broken down by school year which runs from July 1 through June 30.

At the November 2013 board workshop, school board president Dan Smith wanted to make sure that things get passed through the district's legal counsel when responding to questions from the public unless they are just simple questions.

Fox C-6 Legal Fees

2009-2010 - $11,185.11 (Only April - June 2010 Data) 
Mickes Goldman O'Toole - $11,185.11
Thomeczek & Brink - $570.00

2010-2011 - $100,342.74
Mickes Goldman O'Toole - $82,974.52
Thomeczek & Brink - $17,368.22

2011-2012 - $81,029.43
Mickes Goldman O'Toole - $81,029.43

2012-2013 - $148,903.30
Mickes Goldman O'Toole - $148,903.30

2013-2014 - $80,579.43 (Through March 2014)
Mickes Goldman O'Toole - $80,579.43